ما أوجه الاختلاف بين اللغة العربية واللغة الإنجليزية؟
Jan 11, 2016 7:29 PM
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 اللغة العربية كالمحيط

January 16, 2016

اللغه العربيه كالبحر 


January 16, 2016

English word order is usually: Subject + verb + object :"I want a car."
However if you want an activity, the verb after want must be the infinitive of the verb.
In English we do not need the definite article "the" (the=ال) before the noun because in English the words "this" "that" "these" "those"
make a word definite.

"I want to understand this lesson."
أن = to
أريد أن أفهم هذا الدرس

-هل تريد ان تفهم هذا الدرس؟
-نعم اريد ان

- Do you want to understand this lesson?
- Yes, I want to.
* Sometimes instead of saying "yes", or in addition to saying "yes", we say the modal verb (here "want") plus "to"


January 16, 2016

 شكرًا Merlyn

مثل ماذا؟

January 15, 2016

أوجه الاختلاف كثيرة

January 15, 2016
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