I want learn english I can teach you polish

Hello everyone. 

I would like to improve my English skills and I can help you with Polish instead. If you would like to help me please write to me. I am a new person here. 

Jan 11, 2016 10:32 PM
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Hi, I would be glad to help you practice your English. I've been speaking English since I was a baby, and I hate to admit it - but my English is actually much better than my native language (Filipino). I would really like to learn how to pronounce, read, write, and speak in Polish (even just the basics!)

I speak some French and Spanish for what it's worth

Just send me a message, and we'll work something out.


Sam Q

January 27, 2016

Hi, how are you? A friend showed me your post, and I'd like to help you to practice English. My native languages are hokkien and indonesian. Besides using both of them daily, I also use english and mandarin. Hope to hear from you, thanks.

January 27, 2016