some differences between Arabic/Egyptian/Syrian dialects

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i want             أنا أريد               ana oureed        ana 3awez           Ana biddee

how are you    كيف حالك            kayf 7alok         3amel eeh          keefak or shloonak

here                  هنا                hona                   hena                 hoon

now                  الان               allaan                 delwa2ty              hala2

throw               رمى                 rama                  7adaf                 shalaf

when               متى                  mata                  emta                  eemta

these                هم                   hom                   homa                 henne

those              هؤلاء                 ha2ola2               dool                   hadool

look                انظر                   onzoor                bo9                   e6ala3

can u help me ..                           ENGLISH

هل تستطيع مساعدتي ..                     ARABIC WRITING

hal tas6tee3 mosaa3adty..    ARABIC DIALECT

te4dar tesa3dny ...               EGYPTIAN DIALECT

fenak/bte4dar tsa3dny  ...      SYRIAN DIALECT

Jan 12, 2016 12:59 PM
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ياريت تكتبها بالحروف العربية

January 16, 2016

Thank you :)

I just believe using numbers will not make others try to add Arabic keyboard to their application, because we will agree on using numbers instead of the right Arabic letters, try not to use it much especially when you can write with Arabic letters, for pronunciation use some sites like : 

And you can add this site in the end of any Arabic topics so people can use it to hear the right pronouncing.

January 16, 2016


January 14, 2016