NEW: Even more languages as Subtitles: learn German (Arabic ... maybe English and French) easier and easier

Hello there,

On my channel

I now added many more subtitles to my videos, so that you can learn even faster than before. In many other languages, perhaps even in your native language? If not feel free to write me.
And in future all my videos will have subtitles in these languages. Of course there will be errors in your native language. Partially even intended. Because you learn German better, when I try to translate word for word. So you'll learn the German grammar and sentence structure easier. If you see something that I should better translate differently, write me. That pleases me very much!!! So I can learn your native language better and all others learn better, too :-)

In my "intro video", where I explain my channel, I have particularly many subtitles:

I expect your feedback. Tell me how I could still help you better to learn German.

I also think about offering English-Videos for beginners, in which I'll only speak English (in easy sentences so that I wont make mistakes myself, of course. Perhaps also French.
Arabic does already my dearest husband as you know :-)

See you soon!

Jan 12, 2016 7:03 PM
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