Word meanings: 향조타 and 강추템


"강추템 향좋아요"


I can quess at what they're talking about (something smells good), but I would like to know for certain what those words mean so I can add them to my vocab properly ^^

Jan 15, 2016 4:30 AM
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향조타 means "I like this smell" and 강추템 향좋아요 means "I highly recommend this product, this smell is so good" 

January 16, 2016

추가 (I'd like to add some more words for your reference:)

"향조타"와 "강추템"은 표준말(standard/grammatically correct)이 아니에요.
"향조타" -> "향(이) 좋다" 란 말을 소리난대로 쓰는 표현입니다(informal expression, written as it sounds.).  (맨 뒤의 "향좋아요"와 같은 뜻입니다)

"강추템" -> "강력 추천 아이템"의 준말((informal) abbreviation)입니다. "강력 추천 아이템" is "strongly recommended/(I would recommend) item"

한국말에도 비격식 언어가 많아요. 특히 인터넷이나 나이 어린 사람들 사이에서 쓰는 말... lol 처럼요.
In Korean, also, there are lots of informal words that are used... and especially internet or among young people.. e.g. "lol"

February 25, 2016