Help needed to translate some sentences and words to Chinese (simplified)

Could someone help me translate those sentences/words to Chinese? I need to use them in my free Android App. If you feel any words would be better left in English please let me know too. Thanks in advance!



Need to install TouchPal Keyboard first.

This Theme can only be applied to and changes only the look of "Emoji Keyboard - Cute" application (also "Premium" and "KK" versions).

Press Download button below to install and setup "Emoji Keyboard" and then come back here to apply the Theme. Please look picture below with detailed steps.

"Emoji Keyboard Cute" is a free, smart and colorful emoji keyboard for Android that help you to type fast and can change its looks with many free themes.

"ExDialer" is a free, smart and colorful dialer replacement application for Android that can change its looks with many free themes.

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Jan 15, 2016 11:19 AM