Official versus casual self learning of languages?

 تعلم اللغة بنفسي أو في المدرسة؟ اي افضل؟

Jan 15, 2016 12:25 PM
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If you have the self discipline, then I'd say self study is much better. Having tried both, iI can say that my progress was more rapid outside of the conventional classroom environment.

Obviously, you would still need help from others that can proficiently speak the language you are learning (they don't have to be natives).



January 15, 2016

Depends on you, if you really want to study and master a language, you can use anyway available, and of course having a private teacher is better, but still it's all about your strong will , see what is available and use it to improve yourself 


For me I didn't enter English courses and I think I'm not that bad haha 

But if I had money and was rich in a way I won't worry about spending money, then yup I will study in an English college for courses, even though I know they care more about money than teaching ( it's a normal facts in all colleges) 


I wish you easy learning, or I should say easy mastering because you are already good in Arabic 

January 15, 2016

الافضل في المدرسه 

January 16, 2016

thank you all for your useful comments! شكرا


January 16, 2016

تعلم بنفسك لكن ابحث دوما عن المتحدثين باللغه الاصليه واذا كنت ايضا ليس لديك مال كافى .


January 15, 2016
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