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holiday to bristol


Last october I went in holiday to Briston and Bath.
It was the first time I took a plane.
I was not afraid .... or .....i didn't have fear (mi è venuto un dubbio, quale forma devo usare)?
I left to airport at 11.00 o'clock but there was a problem. The flight was an hour late.
My holiday wasn't begin very well
I arrived to airport of bristol on friday at 13.00 o'clock
I went out from airport and I took bus for bath.
Arrived to bath I finded my hostel, it was in front of train station.
I did ceck-in in hostel then I let my suitcase in the bedroom.
I went out for the first visit to the city.
Bath is a city friendly and lovely.
A few hours and many steps later I was very hungry so I stopped to eat
Right after I walked to hostel and when I finded it I go to my room for sleep.
Saturday morning I woke up very early becose I went to train station for took the train for bristol.
The trip was short, at bristol I took photograps to the city, to the street art.
Then I sightseeing Bristol, the church, the square and the parks.
After a day spent to visit bristol I decided of back to bath.
Sunday morning I sightseeing Bath, I went on north of Bath there was some parks.
it'was wanderful becose the trees was colorated.
After a morning spent to walked for parks I went to center of city.
There was many peolple. They were doing shopping.
I sightseeing Bath and I ate the tipical food.
Monday morning I went to airport of bristol for return in Italy.
That's all



Jan 18, 2016 12:53 PM
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January 18, 2016