Do you believe in" soulmate" ? How do u think about it or if it is yes what is he/she/it like?

So far, I still believe in that is someone can understand the deep of my soul in this world. Sometime, I imagine that we will sing and travel all over the world we want to go with our music instruments. We sing and make our love songs for everybody to let them feel good. Or maybe walking our dogs and cats in the sun. We are happy no matter rich or not, successful or not. Simple, pure, but always love. 

Jan 18, 2016 1:55 PM
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我和你一样,相信有“soul mate”。所谓的“soul mate”我认为是在精神层面上的高度统一,相同的志趣爱好,相同的人生目标,对事物的看法基本一致,这和彼此的教育背景、成长环境、人生阅历以及对社会的认知有很大关系。这样的人很难遇到,遇到了一定要好好珍惜。

January 20, 2016

@Mark Yeah, I totally agree with u. Actually, I can't say I will wait for the " perfect one " in my whole life. But I m still waiting and believing. Maybe because I am living a small city , so I decide to go to work in other countries this year. It is not just for my dream to be a vet, but also for looking for my "soulmate". Maybe finding a soulmate is hard like complete ur big dream, but there s still some of them can make it. (smile)



January 19, 2016

Usually "soul mate" suggests that there's only one such person for you in the world. I don't think that's true, it's just that you find at most one because you stop looking after you find one.


Beyond that, it's a vague term, so it's hard to say. If you mean a really suitable partner, or someone who can understand you better than most people can, then sure, that happens.

January 18, 2016

I believe in it very much, but regrettably for me, I never found him.  I thought I did once, but I was proven wrong in the end.


I've given up now, but it warms my heart to see young people in love.

January 18, 2016

@Evan Right, u r telling the truth, and most of your points are realitic but they r exactly also what I think about. I also have some experience, but none of them have the similar thought and interests with me. One of them like animals, but he doesn't want to be DINK. One of them loves music, but they choose the stable life with the stable job and prefer to stay in the place they born in. In other word, I can't the future which is happy for both of us.So, I think I need to see more and go further. Even though all of them are very nice guys,  I just don't see we are on the same road to the destination. Then u will meet more people, then maybe some day u will meet the right one.

January 19, 2016
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