My dad story. [I'm practicing on writing a English text]

My mom told me that my dad has a serious disease related to drinking but still has to drink at work or party because people want him to do that. I said it was a crime to force a sickness person to drink. In Vietnam, if you are man, you have to drink alcohol at every party. This habit is damn ridiculous and cruel also!
My mom said that my dad was careless so he did not remember to drink enough water and eat healthily. No, my dad is the most careful person in my family. But he is man. And man is brave. Normally, he does not care about his own problem as much as others' problem.He just abandons his own heath to do something seemed to be good for others. But we do not need any thing else but him. My mom, we need to tell him about that.
But my mom already had a better idea. She told my dad that " Dear, you have to take care of your health. Because, as you know, because I am scared of ghost so much that I can not live alone". Yes, my mom wants my dad to be her security guard. I think this is very sweet and good for my dad.
What is wrong of this text? Please, fix it for me. Thank you <3

Jan 19, 2016 6:46 AM
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:( Someone helps me :(

January 19, 2016