Teenagers in Japan?

   I plan on studying abroad in Japan in the coming years. I want to know how teenage girls and boys in Japan act.

Do they act stupid and silly like kids in America?

And what are the cultural expections that they have?

Clubs? Sports? Social Groups?



Jan 20, 2016 8:13 PM
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It would be the best for you if some Japanese highschool students can answer your question.

But, I can give you a link, which is a website for learning Japanese thru short movies of school life.

So you can get some idea from those how it's like.


January 22, 2016

I think young guys are act like stupid the same as US or west, but we are not doing drugs related since drugs are really strict in here.

Once you use drugs even weeds in here, it is going to ruin your life.

Club in school is that we have wealthy culture the same as US. I have heard that students in the other east Asian countries have to study all day without any exception. In Japan, 文武両道 means student is better to be good for sports and study the same level. This idea is common.


January 29, 2016