Ngoan Doan
Learning at university

Learning at university brings students a lot of interesting experiences; however, it also causes them a number of difficulties, such as financial troubles, social integration and time management. Firstly, nearly all university students are short of money because they have to pay for many new things, which are available at home. When they are living with their family, they don't have to worry about money on meals and accomodation. Moreover, they have to pay for tuition fees, which are a quite big sum of money. Secondly, student's social integration is a problem because it is not easy for student, especially the first ones, to get on well with roomates who come from different parts of the country with cultural differences. Another problem is that students are often attracted to social activities, such as birthday parties or volunteer work; therefore, they need to learn how to manage their time suitably so as not to neglect their study. In conclusion, it is clear that students have to face a lot of challenges when learning at university. However, if they have a good plan, they will make their student life become meaningful and exciting days.

Jan 21, 2016 11:21 AM