Sandy Yu
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 [emoji]Hi~I'm a wedding planner in China, I've been a wedding planner for 5 years now, I'm interesting in all kinds of wedding styles.

   ☝️ Can you talk about the traditional wedding in your Country or in your city?

   ☝️ Is there any special things for weddings ?

    ☝️ What kind of wedding do you prefer? Traditional wedding or other kind of wedding style?

    ☝️ Would you mind to describe the wedding which made you felt  special?

    ☝️ Or any other things about wedding that you want to share,

    ☕️ I'm  look forward to your feedback!

Jan 21, 2016 4:43 PM
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I'd prefer a informal wedding. And cheap ^^ I like that at the one Chinese wedding I've been, most guests didn't dress up in suits etc. I also think that the symbolism, like giving food to in-law parents, is nice. I don't really understand why the bride would need more than one dress.

January 21, 2016