If you could travel in time which time period would you choose? Why?

Hi, I've been thinking about the idea of time travelling for some days and as I was dreaming about it I thought where would I really wanna go if such a thing was possible.

I am curious to know beyond just choosing the past or the future, which time period is more popular among Italki members and what's the reason of it.


Jan 21, 2016 5:14 PM
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I prefer to travel to 18th century, because it is one of the most mysterious and amazing periods for me. If you ever find a way to travel in the time let me know please lol

January 21, 2016

Thought provoking discussion. Let's talk about the past. Assuming I want to avoid doing anything that might alter the present, so therefore ruling out the 'Kill Hitler' scenarios, then it would have to be something that I could observe safely. So, I'd quite like to go back to when Stonehenge was built (although that might prove problematic because we don't exactly know when that was!), and find out what was it actually used for. I think that could be done without causing a problem. It is one of the great mysteries that we'll probably never know the answer to unless time travel does become possible. Though of course the moment I travel back in time and find out the answer it will no longer be one of the great unsolved mysteries, and so therefore I would probably never be motivated to go back in time and find out why Stonehenge was built...which would mean that it would be a mystery therefore I would go back..? Bit of headache this time travel business isn't it? :-)

January 21, 2016

CPG Grey explained very well in a single image why you shouldn't go to the past, and I completely agree:



I'd go to the future and hope they figured out immortality there. Or skip forward in time to watch our galaxy collide with Andromeda.

January 21, 2016