How do u think about the idea of cohabitation but never marry? Do u think marriage is obligatory for ur love?

Even though I can accept no child life style, I still insist that we should have a marriage to give my partner the forever promise. Maybe for some western friends will feel strang, but as a tranditional chinese people, wedding and marriage is very neccessary. 



What do u think , my friends?


Jan 22, 2016 2:35 AM
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January 22, 2016

I always believe being married is the only way to have trust relationship.

January 22, 2016

You know, I really think a lot depends on the laws of your country. When we are madly in love, as I am now, we like to think that the love will last forever, but sadly, it often doesn't. I watched a youtube video, by a Chinese comic, a few days ago. He said, "You know, the thought of marriage was very scary for me, especially after I read that 50% of all marriages will last a lifetime."
I was married, then divorced. We tried to do the right things for the children. The way we split things came out better for her, I think. If I had hired a lawyer, and we had fought in court, I think I could have gotten a better deal, but the expense to the lawyers would have taken most of that. In California, divorce laws favor the woman a lot more. In China, divorce laws favor the man. 

I am getting married again, partly because it is what she wants, but mainly because it is necessary to get her a visa to the US.

My ex-wife, who is much more conservative than me, has been "co-habiting" for about three years, with no plans to officially re-marry, that I know of.


So, really, there are lots of questions here. I am madly in love and I want everyone to know it, and I want to see her in the white dress, because yes, I still like all that romantic stuff. So I would like to have a wedding. But if she and I could live wherever we wanted to in the world, would I sign all the government documents? I don't know.

January 24, 2016

First of all we should have known person well before getting married. 

Institution of marriage - it is the way to protect woman and a child if man isn't about to be responsible for them anymore. But genuine relationships are always built on trust and sincerity so it is always up to couple. If they are candid, with clear intentions and can trust to one another 100% than everything should be alright whatever their choice is 

January 24, 2016
If a person has a belief in a God who tells them they should get married then they should get the paper. The paper isn't just paper (Hello !) it's a promise on paper, that's the part people forget. People who do not have a belief in God can do whatever they want. After all, they believe they are god.
February 28, 2016
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