Exchange about our country

"Salama daholo o!"it is our maner to say hello!I live at Madagascar, I'm Malagasy and I speak Malagasy.

In our country, our pricipal food is the rice then we call "vary" and it's always serving with accompaniment then we call "laoka" (generally salted )...

About our culture, it's rich and depend of ethnic group: at Madagascar, there is 18 ethnic group, for my part i'm "Merina" that we find in center of island. The traditional dance in Merina is the "Vakondrazana", "Velatanana", it's consist to move our arm and our feet...
Madagascar is rich in biodiversity too, there is many unique species in the world,flore and fauna extraordinary...There is many other wonderful thing about Madagascar and I can pass all my time to talk about my country...For conclusion "I LOVE MADA"(^-^)

How about our country?

Jan 22, 2016 5:27 AM
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Hi, nanie! It's very interesting to know about different cultures. 

I'm from Mexico, and if you come here you would be surprised with all the biodiversity that my country shows. In all the states you can see different people, and customs, and beautiful landscapes.

It would be great that you take a chance to come.

¡Adios Amiga!

February 1, 2016

Hello Nanie, we had the TV program featuring Madagascar last year, and I saw it. I was surprized many people there cultivate and eat rice like in my country or in eastern Asia.
It said that some people there harvest lots of Vanilla Beans and cacaos with high quality and recently many countries want to import them from Madagascar.
It also introduced a tour from my country. Scenes of actual nature there are just unique and beautiful with special flore and fauna like you mentioned. I specially remember unique Baobab trees there :)
I felt it's just nice country with full of uniqueness and interests !

February 1, 2016

I don't know Madagascar but my wife went there on holiday a few years ago, before we got married, and loved it.  She told me that she learned some Malagasy and the people there were surprised to hear a tourist speak any of their language. She also loved the wildlife, especially the lemurs and I have seen many photos of them.  Best wishes, Michael 

January 22, 2016

I always thought someday I would love to go to your country, as I am an animal lover and vegetarian and I know you have species of animals there that are to be found nowhere else but there.   Just lately and today I am turning 55, I have found far less of an adventurous spirit so I very much doubt i will make it.  Flying is uncomfortable, too long, the seats are too narrow, and I just don't have the patience anymore.


Perhaps I will have to go to Google images and experience things virtually.

January 22, 2016