Beta version of italki excludes discussions with <0 rating

In the original version of italki you could choose to see only discussions that had a site rating of >=0 or all discussions regardless of the rating. Now I notice that if members vote down a discussion to the point that it's overall rating is <0 you can no longer see it on the page of current discussions. If you have commented within the discussion it will show up under "My commented discussions" but otherwise you have to search through your internet browsing history to find it. Seems like a step backward to me.

Unless I'm just unable to see where the user can choose the setting to view "all discussions".

Jan 22, 2016 1:23 PM
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I did not like a new version. I am conservative. I want return back, but I do not know how?
January 22, 2016
And it also seems that they took away the ability to search for notebook entries with 0 corrections. I like to find the entries that have been around for a while but had not received any corrections. Hopefully italki will realize how useful that is and add that feature back. 
January 22, 2016

Go to the main page of Discussion, click at "Browse" and then you can see the three drop down menus.

January 22, 2016



there are three drop down menüs above. On the right you can choose SHOW "Discussions with at least..." or "All".

January 22, 2016

I recived a message by italki


Wait! I still want to use the classic site!

Don’t worry! If you need to go back to the classic italki website, you still can. Just click on Switch to Classic (see below) :

I just want to know we will able to use Classic italki after 25 january??



January 22, 2016
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