An Activity about Emotional Awareness

1 Write down some different emotions you have had this week.


2 Second, write down your behaviors when you experienced these emotions.


Here are some adjectives to describe emotions: Aggressive, aggravated, alienated, amused, angry, annoyed, anxious, apathetic, appalled, awed, bashful, blissful, bored, cautious, cheerful, confident, confused, curious, delighted, depressed, determined, disappointed, discouraged, disgusted, ecstatic, elated, embarrassed, enthusiastic, envious, excited, exhausted, fearful, frightened, frustrated, glad, guilty, happy, helpless, hopeful, hostile, humiliated, hurt, hysterical, interested, jealous, joyous, lonely, loved, love-struck, miserable, negative, optimistic, paranoid, peaceful, proud, puzzled, regretful, relieved, sad, satisfied, shocked, sorry, sure, surprised, suspicious, undecided, withdrawn

Jan 22, 2016 2:58 PM