Good evening everyone,


My name is Curtis and upon withdrawing myself from my post-secondary studies, I've decided to return to this marvelous website in hopes of befriending and aiding people in their endeavors. Needless to say that this discussion is more so in hopes of attaining interest, forming bonds, exchanging opinions and desires, so on and so forth! 


Regardless, I believe I've gone on long enough of a tangent. Here's a quick summary of my person, if you have any questions do post them below, or feel very free to send me a message about anything whatsoever!


My name is Curtis Paquette, I'm eighteen years of age and I'm of 100% French descent. With this being said, my mother tongue is French, and I began learning the English language at the age of twelve. Six long years of apprehending and "mastering" this language have certainly been strenuous. Nevertheless, I've remained dedicated and aspire to write novels on my own time once my life has resumed its proper trajectory.


I'm a very fond believer that everyone has a set path they should follow, that being their own path of destiny. Everyone was brought into this world to do something, and that thing will grant them eternal happiness upon epiphanizing such. Personally? I hope to travel the world and learn about the myriad of things I've yet to learn about. The plethora of memories I can make, the people I can meet, the friends I can cherish, all that I can share to them as well. Needless to say it brings me ecstatic joy at the very thought.


Nevertheless, I am not a religious person nonetheless. I'm very open-minded towards religion, I do believe that everyone is entitled to live their life the way they desire to. Recently I've learned that however some people have immense influence on what's said and done in your life, only you are capable of making your own decisions. My sole desire in life is to help people realize that nothing happens unless first a dream.


But I digress. I'm also a pansexual male whom is acquainted with being a transgender from time to time. I'm a very strange being. Upon breaking my 'mature' shell, you'll notice that I'm a gullible, excitable and very random goofball whom wants nothing than to make you smile. Not many things set me off, I tend not to dread upon the things which can be easily whisked away with the swipe of a finger.


In either case, I believe I've gone on for far more than intended. I do hope to befriend many people and look forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Have yourselves a wonderful morning, day or night and I anxiously await responses. 

Jan 23, 2016 4:15 AM
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Hello Curtis, it is my pleasure to be friends.

January 23, 2016