Nadya Miroslavova
Why there is no Faroese in italki?

Hi guys! I am just wondering why in the language bar there is no Faroese? I know probably no more than 70 000 people are native speakers but come on it is a beautiful language.And how I can find someone who talks it here ? 

And to submit the post I had to choose again "The discussion is for learning...... Icelandic! (I didn`t have other choice hahaha)"

Jan 23, 2016 10:51 AM
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There are Faroese speakers here if you know where to look.

Try searching for language partners with the parameters: From: Faroe Islands; Language: Other

There are lots of interesting language missing from the language bar, maybe you could write to italki admin to request Faroese be added (recently Scottish Gaelic was added, I believe after similar requests).

January 23, 2016