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NY is under lock down !!!!

The govenor of NY State ( Andrew Cuomo ) has put the city under lock down due to the anticipated 28 inches of snow ( more than half of that is already down ), no driving allowed and I imagine the emergency rooms are filled as there are always brave souls out there who need bread or has a wicked headache and simply will risk walking in this weather to get to a pharmacy or supermarket.

Jan 23, 2016 10:44 PM
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Thank you so much Tom !

I am keeping myself out of harm's way by staying indoors.   Fortunately I am on SS disability and no longer have to punch a clock every day.   It ended up about 2 hours ago with 25 inches here in Brooklyn, but as it is just stopping now, the full tally won't be really known until the morning, I suppose.


I have arthritis in both knees, and will not risk another fall for love or money with as bad as they are now.  I have already broken 5 toes in various falls after the age of 47.   So I will have to look at it from the window and not get to see or touch it in person.

January 24, 2016

As I just told someone else here from New York, I hurt for you folks. I hope you yourself is out of harms way & has water & heat, etc. God bless you folks!!!

January 24, 2016