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ما الفرق بين قد فعل و كان فعل و كان قد فعل؟

Jan 24, 2016 5:22 AM
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(قد ) in Arabic has different meanings :

In the past:

1)to confirm something that really happend  without doubts ( التحقيق )

ex. : قد ذهب إلى المدرسة =  he did go to the school.

2)to confirm something has happend in the near past ( التقريب ) 

ex. : قد جاء صديقى = My friend has just come.

 In the future:

1) to inform something may happen ( التقليل ) 

ex. : قد يأكل التفاحة  = Maybe he eats an apple.

2) to inform something is expected to happen ( التوقع )

ex. قد يذهب إلى المدرسة = He may go to school.

3) To inform something is going to happen with a little possibility of not ( التكثير ) 

ex. : قد أزورك اليوم = I may visit you today.

January 24, 2016
its like when you say in eng, he does, and he has been, and he had been...
January 27, 2016

You are welcome @Adam :)

January 24, 2016

Hye Nada

Thanks for the info.

It is so.ething new to me to know Qad has so mamy meanings

January 24, 2016