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The way you teach your native language

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How do you teach your native language with a foreigner ? I mean, do you talk about your story and whatever you like or you plan specific topics to talk about (or grammar..)

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Jan 24, 2016 12:47 PM
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I think providing your student value for their money is important. The best way to do that is to find out what they want to work on in the target language and why, and build your lesson out from that point. What a student expects in a language exchange and what they expect out of a $30/hr lesson is rightfully different.

In a non-structured situation where I would not be charging or would be charging very little, we just talk about anything the student wants and answer questions and build vocabulary naturally. It is something I do with close friends and with intermediate students with a good base level who are practicing for fluency, but are not high enough to need specific language such like medical English, business English etc. I typically charge a student between 5 and 10 dollars an hour for this type of instruction, based on cost of living in the city.

In a situation where I will be charging full price, with adults I prepare a structured lesson the same way I do as a classroom teacher with a worksheet and geared towards whatever point of language the student wants to work on. With children who are taking extra tuition I build on what their school teacher is working on, make sure we get through their homework and build a better understanding with 1-on-1 teaching than they can get from a 20:1 or 40:1 student to teacher ratio they would have in the classroom. I typically charge between 15 and 25 dollars an hour for this type of lesson based on cost of living in the city.

January 26, 2016
Thanks for you aswers, it helped me :) 
January 26, 2016

Hi Matthieu!

When I teach french I determine first the purpose of the student. Nevertheless, people usually  wants  being able to hold a conversation on a  fluent stance. That's why, they need to build strong basics grammar,  vocabulary skills and improve their pronounciation step by step. For foreigners, the french pronounciation is always a challenge. It may be a long-term process, and its dépends on your student. I work with books and push them to write and express their opinions about a large range of topics by writting and speaking. It's a good way, to improve these fields. Moreover, watching movies, listening videos is very helpful to pitch the differents cultural aspects and accents.



January 26, 2016
I think you can ask your student the reason why he or she want to learn the language first. Perhaps you will know what to teach after that. And... if I am the one to teach my native language, I think I will... (oh! It's a difficult question.) um... maybe I will start with a movie. I mean it's good for learning language and discussing something else at the same time, right? I am not sure but I think it's a good answer. haha
January 25, 2016