Dewey Tran
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Slovak learners, what are the things you do to learn Slovak?

To learn Slovak, I..
- have a Slovakian teacher to teach me a structured course (about 2 sessions a week).
- have Slovakian friends on italki.
- listen to Slovakian radio at work.
- learn to sing along with a couple of Slovakian songs I like.
- learn vocabulary daily with Anki app.

I was just wondering what are the things you do while studying Slovak. I'd appreciate it if you can share some experiences.

Thank you and happy studying! :-)

Jan 26, 2016 5:04 AM
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I wonder why do you want to learn Slovak? Hope your reason was not a girl because it is really hard language, mate.
April 29, 2017
Try reading something in Slovak. Some simple children books for example. Broadening your vocabulary would be very beneficial. I believe. And also speak speak speak! :-) Veľa šťastia!
October 28, 2016