Sexism in Japan Hey guys ! I was wondering, either for travelers or native japanese people, have you ever seen an act of sexism in Japan. Im wondering how women and men are living. Exemple, here in Canada, women earn less ($) in the work place or if someone is bad at driving, it must be a woman, etc... ! What are some expectations for women in Japan (work place, at home, beauty standarts, etc...)  
Thanks and have a good day :)
Jan 26, 2016 9:14 PM
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As Japanese man, I could say....

Man gets more money than woman in general.

Woman is relatively bad driver.

Woman is more emotional than man. Man, in stead, is more logical than woman.

Woman does not have map in their head, so they are easy to be lost.

In old and traditional work place, woman is difficult to promote since man thinks they are going to leave company after they get married.

Elderly people are more worry if woman does not get married after 30 years old than man.

Etc etc....

Compared with western countries, we are still developing country in terms of this. But recently we are changing day to day basis, so please kindly to Japanese old man. lol

January 29, 2016
Sexism is rife in Japan, it is everywhere. The culture is Asia is different to in the West.
January 29, 2016