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The unwanted functions/flaws of the New Version of Italki

I think the new version looks way better, although I do see some flaws in it, which are:
- The pencil button is gone! It allowed to jump directly to posting a question/notebook entry from the quick access bar at the top, now it takes one more click(3 clicks instead of 2)
- The  "Notifications" unwrap dramatically big, dimming the rest of the screen, besides, there are two divisions there now, thus requiring an extra click again.
- The flags and the quick buttons of my selected languages in "Answers/Notebook/Discussions" are gone. Why again? Not only an extra click required, but even a scroll. Oh no.

These three functions were definitely arranged better in the old version. 

As for the rest, so far it's great and beautiful, thanks a lot, Italki!

Jan 27, 2016 3:50 PM
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Hi, Aegis!
Alright, 574th doesn't make it worse though, does it? :)
Probably the developers will hear us and make proper adjustments, would be awesome..
January 27, 2016

Good points, but there are already 573 threads on this.

January 27, 2016
where are the instant lessons?
January 27, 2016