is it worthy going to the university for me?

Hello, nowdays i have been asking myself what to do with my life,

in some months i am expected to go to university, but i have found this website in order to learn and teach languages, i speak spanish, english, german and italian and i love languages, i really wanna master more, but the point is

if i get inmersed into this, should i go to university, maybe i could work here and visiting other countries and cultures, getting to know people and so on.

I admire those who are polyglots and someday i would like to be like them,

Have you heard about Luca lampariello or Richard Simcott?

they allways post on the internet and so on, Languages are part of their lives

Is someone  doing so?

I would like to kno what your perspectives are

Jan 27, 2016 9:28 PM
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Do something you're absolutely passionate about. That's to say something that doesn't make you feel like you have to "work", and then enjoy a very happy life ;-) No matter what you'll choose, I hope it will bring you tremendous joy! 

January 27, 2016

I don't know if the universities are free in Mexico, but if they are, my advice is go to the university. You can choose linguistic studies. ;-) And studying is awesome (beyond the time of finals :D). You can always resign from learning or make a gap year. What is more you can work and study, I think it wouldn't be a problem. ;-) But in this case you wouldn't travel as much as you want. 

Anyway, I hope you'll be happy about your choice at the end! ;-)

January 28, 2016