Mohammed Shakir
Formal Meeting !

Ann Lee :Excuse me.
Sarah Taylor :Ann Lee
Ann lee :Yes.Hello.
Sarah Taylor :I'm Sarah Taylor. I'm your new Local Buyer . Pleased to meet you .

Mark : Ahem!
Sarah Taylor :Oh Sorry! This is my Husband, mark.
Mark :Good Morning.How are you ?
Ann Lee :Very well thank you


Sarah Taylor :Oh Sorry! This(Subject) is(Verb) my Husband(Object), Mark.

is this sentence correct ?

she could have said : Meet my Husband,Mark.


Jan 28, 2016 11:04 AM
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yes Because This is my Husband, mark. looks unrespectful.

Thanks .

February 5, 2016
Yes, that is perfectly acceptable in the circumstance.
February 4, 2016