My hometown

      My hometown is in <st1:city w:st="on">xiamen</st1:city> of <st1:state w:st="on">fujian</st1:state> province in <st1:country-region w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">China</st1:place></st1:country-region>. This is a charming city, people always call it “Garden on the sea”. The former <st1:country-region w:st="on">US</st1:country-region> President Richard Nixon had praise <st1:city w:st="on">Xiamen</st1:city> as "the Oriental Hawaii". It's like spring all the year round, so the four seasons evergreen. One of the most famous scenic spot in <st1:city w:st="on">Xiamen</st1:city> is Gulangyu, it is an island, people go to there by ship. I grew up in here, but When I was in fifth grade I moved to the other side. The experience in Gulangyu is my most precious memories until now. In the summer, I can go to the seaside swimming, fishing, catch crabs, barbecue with my companies. In the evening, I can have a walk with my family along the seaside and appreciate the night scene. As the tourism industry in this island is developed, many things is changing, although it brought benefits to the people on the island, but it makes me feel heartache, there are Tens of thousands of people go to there everyday, the peace and quite island has gone. Still to be optimistic, I can find the place where I was always been when I was a child. 

Jan 29, 2016 4:06 AM