what is the best way to learn English effectively?

Here are a lot of ways to learn English skills.

1. Reading lots of English books.

2. Listening news, for example, CNN and BBC

3. Watching TV shows including soap opera and Shadowing lines.

4. Making English sentences and speaking to yourself in the mirror

Which one do you think is the best way?

Jan 29, 2016 8:09 AM
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Let me tell you what, there are four skills in a language, speaking, listening, reading, & writing.

Generally speaking, you don't learn a language unless you have an idea about how to study it.

First of all, it's important to start from scratch if you've just started learning a language. The basics of a language is the easiest but stands the main reason if you can learn to speak a language fluently in upper levels or not.

Secondly don't rush; No one is following you... learning process begins whenever you are in comfort. No need to study a language more than two hours a day specially when you are a zero beginner. You may go fast for a short while & suddenly you find yourself in a difficult situation in which you don't want to continue because it gets old to your mind. The result, you can't continue anymore.

Always make sure you understand 80% of the materials or even more when you're studying a lesson. If you feel like you're not doing this, you should repeat the lesson or completely change the way you're learning. The material might be inappropriate for your level or good for nothing at all.

I suggest first starters of English language to start learning the language by listening & speaking in an elementary level before they can continue reading & writing. Imagine you're born and the parents give you a pile of books & notebooks to read & write!!!

You don't score until you score. that is to say, you need to speak before you can speak. Speaking requires constant practice. Your mind can learn how to speak even when you repeat phrases and sentences with a loud voice. This is called simulation.

After all, I highly advise you to find a language exchange partner. You must use the language in real life situations. That's where you can speak the language with your own words & gain the right confidence to start speaking without any fear & doubt.

Hope it helps,

Saeid Oloumi

January 29, 2016
All of them are great. In my opinion number 3 is the best.
January 29, 2016