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Any korean learners there?

Hello, italkers!

I'm wondering how many Korean learners we have out there. Also how did you all got started in Korean. I have started to take a course in Udemy, but so far I find it hard to write anything. I'm in a language club and we have a Korean group on Whatsapp, I'm not yet ready to write there but I'd like to read conversations between other learners and native speakers, that'd help me a lot. If you have a Korean level that allows you to have a conversation and would like to practice your writing and speaking skills in our group, let me know I'll be glad to add you there. ^^

See you!

Jan 31, 2016 1:25 PM
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Hello!  I am a Korean learner too.I just started and right now I'm in that first stage ,the ''WHY IS IT SO HARD???'' phase.I have the best teacher and she is really cool with my insecurities.Have you ever felt like that? hahahahah

February 3, 2016

@ Ana Maria,

I also did notice that it would be better to have structure in the learning and that was diffucult to find on memrise.

So I did order the talk to me in korean books and that works much better, with excersises and explanaitons.


February 14, 2016
Hello!  I'm a new learner, too. :)  I've used Talk to Me in Korean, Korean Class 101, and some books I got from the bookstore.  Right now I am taking lessons from a teacher here once a week.  I can read and write Hangul, but my vocabulary is still limited.  It's nice to see other Korean learners!
February 13, 2016

Hi hi. I've always liked K-dramas and songs, so I started to collect small corner of "Korean lessons" on weekly newspapers.

And when I got into college, I took basic Korean classes. Our teacher was a native Korean and has Seoul dialect, so it was easier to learn. That's why I suggest new beginners to take basic Korean classes from a teacher. Then they can go up from there by themselves. 

Now, I'm able to understand simple family K-dramas and songs without looking at the eng subs/translations. It's so convenient. I want to improve my Korean more. 

February 13, 2016
Hello! I'm in the very beginning stage of learning Korean. I became interested after being a long time fan of anime and Asian culture. Through my searches I stumbled upon kpop and kdrama, and now I am head over heels in love with Korean culture and customs. When I grow older, I hope to move to Seoul to teach math.
February 8, 2016
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