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I have a free Japanese text book to give away!

I have a lightly used copy of Human Academy's old beginner textbook: "いほんご90日:1(90 Days of Japanese Language)", as well as the English accompanying explanation book. I've written on a few pages of each one, but 99% of them is unused. I didn't use the book jackets when I was taking them to class last year, so underneath they are a bit beaten up but the jackets look brand new. I thought they could be quite useful to another English speaker starting to learn Japanese, and couldn't bring myself to throw them away when they're totally useable.

I live in Osaka and would be happy to mail them within Japan or drop them off somewhere. 

Send me a message or reply here! 

Feb 1, 2016 4:58 AM
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sorry, typo, obviously the title is ”ほんご90日”^^
February 1, 2016