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Hello everyone.

Some Kiwis could help me with this? I want some contents that have Kiwi accents.
Could be podcasts, series, interviews, etc. The preference that I can get the subtitle or transcript on the internet.

Well you know better than I what type of content I can found on the Internet, then be free for the recommendation.


Feb 1, 2016 8:04 PM
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There's this Kiwi English teacher that makes videos to teach English. All her videos has a transcript on her website, maybe nowadays she puts subtitles on them.


In my opinion, she does not sound a normal street Kiwi, I have this feeling because she's trying to speak very very clearly, she sounds a bit weird but still kiwi.


Radio NZ


Great to check some interviews and even "radio-soap operas".


Try to search for Brooke Fraser, Anika Moa, Opshop, Bic Runga and other kiwi famous singers' interviews. I listen to them constantly! 

February 2, 2016

What is your professional area? 

There is a course in Future Learn on Data Science that is offered by the University of Auckland. And if this particular course doesn't interest you, you could search another course offered by a university from New Zealand in one of those online learning websites. They usually have subtitles and the professors speak in a pace that is good for English learners. 

February 2, 2016

<em>Kia ora</em> Augusto! There's a TV show called Flight of the Conchords that you have to see if you like NZ. It's about two Kiwis trying (and failing) to be successful musicians in New York. That show was extremely popular in the US so I'm sure you can download subtitles online, for example on


Flight of the Conchords had a lot of memorable and funny songs, and you can find the lyrics to the songs on any lyrics website (though songs are not really a good way to learn an accent, of course).


Outrageous Fortune was another NZ show that was very popular in the country. It got some attention overseas, but much less than Flight of the Conchords.


As for interviews, if you look up "Good Morning New Zealand" on Youtube, you'll find lots of interview clips from NZ's biggest talk show...I've never liked that show personally, but it could be a good language-learning resource. It's a good introduction to NZ's popular music too, as they have a lot of guest performances on. Unfortunately, you're not likely to find any subtitles/transcripts to that show.

February 2, 2016

Thanks all for the advice.

I will look for these contents and I will put here to help others people too. 

Well in the meanwhile I searched for contents too and have encountered that Website that gather a lot of New Zealands Web Series and some of them have subtiles. The website is

I have bookmarked these that have height rating and subtitle:

Without subtitle but have height rating and seems that have a lot of cultural references here:

And Murilo, I already knew these channel "The Daily English Show" but never used before. I even don't knew that these show are from New Zealand hahaha I will pay attention to that now. 

Bye for now.

February 2, 2016