Best order to learn French Verb Tenses

I need to refresh my verb tenses in French.  What order should I study these.  (Or what are the most common tenses in order).

Present Tense - 1

Passe composé - 2

Future simple - 3

Then what is next?  parfait, plus que parfait, subjonctif,...etc???

Thanks for any input..


Feb 2, 2016 8:12 PM
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So learn the présent and the passé composé. The "futur simple" is also usefull.

Then, to make harder sentences, do the "subjonctif".

These are from "mode indicatif". And it's the most usefull in my viewpoint.

(I gave you the french names of the tenses)

February 3, 2016
 I would like to focus on the tenses used in Norma conversation first. 
February 2, 2016
I guess you have the good order with présent in 1 (you talk about yourself in present tense generally) and passé composé in 2nd (we use it a lot) and then the future. These are from the "indicatif" mode. The subjonctive (still in indicatif) is pretty usefull too after the "que" (with some exceptions). And what you call parfait is passé simple I guess, it's usefull to understand books and literature but we don't use it so much. Then the composed tenses (like futur antérieur or plus que parfait) are much more rare but still use in books.
February 2, 2016