Where can I begin my lessons in Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary? こんにちは見な❢I’m trying to learn日本語。Feel free to add my Skype: Wavynavy10. I would like to make friends and have practice which will further my pursuit of the Japanese language. ありがとうね❢
Feb 3, 2016 3:13 AM
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Hi, Cherish. Im a native japanese speaker.

Im learning English and Spanish.

If u want, we can do LE n help each other. At the moment, i add u on Skype.

Cheers, またね。 

February 16, 2016

Hey Cherish,

My name is Mimi and as a fellow language learner I wish you tons of luck in this journey to learn Japanese.

If you need help with grammar or motivation then please free to contact me and I will try my best to help you if you haven't gotten a response from a native on the issue.

Also, just a small point. To say everyone it is 皆さん not 見な(which can mean don't look in certain circumstances).


February 16, 2016