Tips Please

Hi! I will travel t the States for a performance. I am a poet. I will go with my husband. We have experience and we travel a lot, but ALWAYS I stay in mute because I feel very very very akward in the stage. I can´t speak elocuent like my native language, then I feel frustrated. Please, give me some tips, I am a very secure persone, but I need challenges. Do you have some recomendations? Books, tv shows, talk in front to the mirror...? Some?



Feb 3, 2016 3:59 PM
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In the past, before I needed to talk in public in a language that was not my native language, I listened to A LOT of audio files that were similar to what I was going to talk about. By doing so, I felt that I was actually that person, who was a native speaker speaking in his/her native language. That worked well for me. I also talk in front of the mirror just to practice. Sometimes I talked to myself, in front of the mirror, about 50 times.

Hope my tips are on the right track.

February 3, 2016