Grammatical rule

sentence 1: The program is coming up after the news.
Sentence 2: The program is coming after the news.

which one of the aforementioned sentences is correct? I know 1 no. sentence is correct. But, my question is why it is correct and the other one is incorrect? What is the grammatical rule for taking preposition? Thanks in advance.

Feb 4, 2016 3:44 PM
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This question is not really related to a grammatical rule.

It is based on the proper usage of the verbs.


Sentence 1 is correct; sentence 2 is incorrect.


be coming up... phrasal verb
to be happening soon:
- My exams are coming up soon.
- The program is coming up (will be on TV soon) after the news.


come up... phrasal verb
If a job or opportunity comes up, it becomes available:
- A position has come up in the accounts department.
- The program is coming up (will be available for viewing) after the news.


The phrasal verb is correct because it is referring to 'time' e.g., "soon and after".


sentence number (no.) 2 [NOT "2 no."]


Hope this helps...

February 4, 2016
Thank you. Really helpful.
February 6, 2016