Edward Malone
There is only one club! What is your favorive football club? If you live in North America you may tell us about another sport
Feb 4, 2016 8:36 PM
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I mean your favorite club in another sport, What about your story, I opine your football is wonderful sport. but I can't understand why it named "football". There are only two sports which we can call "football". These are football and rugby. These sports have joint root
February 4, 2016

We in the United States have another sport called "football," and what the rest of the world calls "football" we call "soccer." I have no idea why, but it's too ingrained in our society to change that. Basically, our football has a spheroid-shaped ball that we throw and kick. Each team has a turn to try and score, and the defensive team can try to steal the ball.

It makes a lot of money, and it makes people act crazy. I love it!

February 4, 2016