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Strange! In this website I even can not find an entrance to contact the administrator!

I searched every entrances but can not find it! a email address! I wonder why? 

Just because I received some of emails from this company, but never can reply them, I wonder why they act this way?

They give me many suggestions, but I can not tell them problems I have.  

Have your guys the this trouble with it? 

Feb 6, 2016 9:27 AM
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The "submit a request" is the contact method.  Your message will reach the Administrator, and you will get a response.   It is as good as sending an email.  Everyone here uses this method.
February 6, 2016

This is a link to support team:


February 6, 2016
No need to get stressed,. I see that the Support link is no good, so if you can send me a message directly, I'll give you an email address for the italki admins.
February 6, 2016

OK, Jackwrh. On the right coner of this page press on "Submit a request" and fill in a form you will get. I did it once and it works.

February 6, 2016



you see, it leads me to this page!

February 6, 2016
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