How do you write "haha" in your language?

Of course, all humans laugh, cough and sneeze in the same way! But writing these sounds is a different matter:


English: haha, hehe, heehee, ha, lol, rotfl

Arabic, Persian: هه، ها ها، خخ (haha, hA hA, khakha)

Chinese: 哈哈 (haha),呵呵 (hehe),嘻嘻 (shee shee)

French: hahaha, héhéhé, hihihi, hohoho, MDR

Greek: xaxaxa, xoxoxo

Indonesian: wkwkwkwk

Japanese: ふふふ (huhuhu), www

Korean: kkkk, kekekeke, zzzzzz

Norwegian: hæhæhæ, høhøhø

Portuguese: huehuehue, kkkkk, rárárá, rsrsrsrs

Russian: хахаха (hahaha), бгггггг (bgggg), гггггг (gggggg), олололо (olololo)

Spanish: jajaja

Thai: 55555

Vietnamese: hihihi


- Can you think of any other ways to write "haha"?

- Do you think the different "haha's" in your language have different meanings? (eg. in English "heehee" is a naughty laugh, used for example when teasing someone)

- Do you prefer to use <em>sound-words</em>** like "haha"? Or do you prefer <em>acronyms</em> like "lol" (=laugh[ing] out loud), "MDR" (=mort de rire (laughing to death)), "www" (=warau warau warau (laugh laugh laugh)), etc.

- Do any of these laughing sounds mean something different in your language? <em>(eg. "xoxoxo" in English means "hugs and kisses", not "hahaha"!)</em>



* source:

** the correct word is "onomatopoeia", other examples in English are "ring ring", "woof woof", "miaow", etc.

Feb 7, 2016 2:19 AM
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Indonesian --> wkwkwkw, jiakakakaka, brakakaka, bwahahahahah, bwakakakaak, jiahahahaah, wagagagagagag, and there are many others. We tend to create our own written laughters wokwowkwow <----right now, I am using this) wowkowkwkw

February 7, 2016

In Arabic it's ههههههههههههه (hahaha)

and if someone laughed as خخخخخ (Khakha) that's actually considered as inappropriate.

February 8, 2016
Algerian People : hhhhhhhhhhhhh
February 7, 2016

In Brazil it's this way:


rsrsrs = it was a little funny

huehuehue = sarcastic laugh

kkkk = most common one, can be used in almost all situations 

rarara = I've never seen this one


Hahaha and hehehe are also common. 

February 26, 2016

Interesting! In Japanese, I think ははは(hahaha) is most common. We also use ふふふ(fufufu), おほほ(ohoho, for noble women), わっはっは(wah-hah-ha, good loud laugh), げらげら(geragera, guffaw) etc. 


We also use へへ(hehe) like in English, but this sounds just valgar. And found "wkwk" in Indonesian looks like our "wktk"(waku waku teka teka, a mimetic word on the net expressing the feeling waiting something very amusing) :)


February 8, 2016
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