Danny Aguilar
Japanese Question The name is Danny. I started learning Japanese to the extent where writing kanji is easy. But now I want to learn grammer .Is it necessary to learn all the kanji radicals. I learned some but some i fergot.Is it OK to forget a kanji meaning. 
Feb 7, 2016 3:32 AM
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Kanji radicals are important. They are like pre, pro, con, etc for the latin rooted languages. We, at lease myself, unconsciously reply on the knowledge about the radicals to relate to the rest of the character and remember it. So often that logical process helps remember the kanjis you haven't used for a long time but it's absolutely necessary to remember them in Japanese social life. So my answer is, it is OK to forget some kanjis but you will need to remember it anyway, in Japanese society. 
February 10, 2016
but like you mean the 訓読み reading of the radicals. i know how to write kanji but like is it necessary to know all the radicals 訓読み reading.
February 12, 2016