Feb Osaka Trip Hi. I will go Osaka this month for holiday, as it is my first time going to Japan. I am looking forward to my trip and hope i am able to make new friends at there. I am able to speak and read some Japanese so I can use it at there. 
Feb 7, 2016 6:50 AM
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I went to Osaka so many times and I can tell you that is a very nice city to stay and have fun! 

the Osaka city is amazing and you also can go to the Universal Studios ;)

I lived in Japan about 12 years  and I love there!!!!!

missing Japan!!!

I hope you have fun^.^ 

February 7, 2016

You will have so much fun! My boyfriend and I went to Osaka last year. We spent two nights there and even took a train to Kyoto (I highly recommend going to Kyoto if you have time).

I'm originally from Okinawa, Japan, but moved to the States. Last year was my first time going to Osaka and it was waaaaaay too much fun! Enjoy, and have a safe trip! Let us know how it goes!

February 7, 2016