How much do you respact the woman ? and why ?
Feb 7, 2016 2:12 PM
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How much do you respEct WOMEN?


How much do you respEct that/this woman.

So you need to be clear if you mean every women (plural) or a particular woman (singular)

Answer; exactly as much as I would respect men.

note the "as much as" phrase

February 7, 2016

Hi Yaya,

I respect people in general, but I'm not really indiscriminate when it comes down to respect. That particularly applies to women and men: I don't care what you are to respect you as a person. Whatever the race, ethnicity, gender, believes, deeds, background and looks of a person might be, it deserves indiscriminately the respect of privacy and the liberty of choice, unless the person would deprive such from others, then my respect wouldn't come naturally.

I see 'respect' in two kinds of levels. One of rights: the indiscriminate, the level of respect that almost goes without saying and, the other of personal: the discriminate, the level of respect that is acquired through personal acquaintance and subsequent admiration of certain traits, features, acts and abilities, attributed to a person.

February 7, 2016

Oh and why?   Why would you not respect someone?  Generally I suspect that many of the world's problems are due to one person not respecting another so I can see no need to add to it.

February 7, 2016

"<em>threated</em>" - i mean, treated!!!:)))))

February 7, 2016

Yaya, if you mean 'the woman', be prepeared to hear the question: "which one?":)

I heard this line, about the respect to women when I was 5 y.o. It scared me, honestly.

You know, when you are 5 y.o. and adults speak about 'respect' to adults - it mostly means 'obedence' or something like this:/ Not good at all.
Well, may be it could also mean 'respect' as such - but i wasn't much disrespectfull child....

I already knew thet there are some people supposed to be 'respected' (in the sense: you must obey them:/) so I worried  - do they mean that now I must treat women as creatures superior to ordinary people and show even more obedience???? No good news for a child!!!

So I looked, but I noticed that women are threated more or less the same way as men and aren't much different in anything.
So I ceased to worry and since then I never recalled this phrase....
...until I heard it agian on italki from Muslims:/ I sincerely wish I knew what do you mean by this. And sincerely don't understand: our cultures are different in this.

May be you mean something different by 'respect'?... or may be in your country women normally aren't respected... or may be the opposite and you respect them more than men... (or even both at one)?
Or you just mean some special needs (or qualities) which women have in your culture and may be you are speaking about respecting these needs (or qualitites)?
All I understand is that you belong to a wastly different culture and you imply something enygmatic for me:)

February 7, 2016
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