What the most important things to succeed in grammar questions?

Unlike the desertification that threatens to blanket much of north Africa continually advancing sand, even though most Middle Eastern countries features a pattern of advance and recede.

What wrong with the sentence?



To succeed in grammar questions, I thing the most important is "Vocabulary", what do you thing?

Feb 7, 2016 2:54 PM
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Actually, i cant comprehen the exact meaning of your passage. I think you are arguing about whether grammar or vocabulary is more important. In my opinion, both are important.
February 7, 2016

I'm sorry if the topic not clearly stated. I mean, that's all about sections in PBT Toefl test, there are three section, i.e listening, structure and written expresion, and reading. So, i have to change the topic to be


What the most important things to succeed in structure and written expresion section in the PBT Toefl test, vocabulary or the grammar? 

February 8, 2016
as you can see. Vocabulary is good. You can speak so many words and express your feelings through many ways. But all of that will become useless with no grammar or you can say a way to arrange your words and even meanless. In addition, you need a right (not literally right ) sentence to fully give meanings, especially in writing. people will read your sentence and imagine the situation in that sentence. If the grammar of the sentence is wrong, It will makes people misunderstand or even meanless.
February 7, 2016