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J'aime )any other suggestion on how we would use the french word j'aime

J'aime mange des pats.

Feb 8, 2016 4:26 PM
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I don't know which phone you are using but if you have the possibility to download the "Google keyboard" you can program different languages and switch between them by pressing a simple touch.
With the auto-correct it is easier to see how to spell the word in the right way.

De rien, avec plaisir! :)
February 8, 2016

Wow merci

That is more then helpful 

And yes I'm struggling a little with spelling because I'm not sure how to incert the accent to my spelling do you have any suggestions at all

May be a good french keyboard I could download 

Merci beaucoup gefforey

February 8, 2016

Hello, here is the correction of your sentence: J'aime manger des pâtes.

 Moreover, the form "' j'aime" can be used in 2 main ways.

The first way is the one you gave as an example: J'aime + verbe + COD

The second way is directly J'aime + COD : J'aime les chats.

J'aime generally illustrate someone's tastes however it can be used for illustrating someone's wishes. For example: J'aimerais apprendre l'Anglais. It requires the use of the conditional (conditionnel présent en français).

I hope this short explaination was clear for you :)

February 8, 2016