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This is a truth story, read this will you?

Today I'm going to tell you a truth story. It happened three days ago. This woderful part is it happened on the italki.
And I just want to say this is my fist time writing a composition.
Now story is begining.

Three days ago, I was listening a sad song, oh that song is great.
I just open the italki to looking my message box.
Because I know somebody like me. Look at me! I'm so cute and hansome! They probably leave me a message!!
So I open it fast and quickly, fortunately, no message there, because if they say ''I love you so much.'' what I should do?
I'm not ready, I need more times. 
Hold on what's that? A so sad head picture.
Although I like it, but why he wrote ''every day'' on it? Nobody could be sad every day!
So I send message to him.

I don't know why your picture looks so sad and you wrote ''every day''.
I mean that looks terrible.
No one could be sad every day! 
There must be something that makes you happy.
You should change your picture right now!
Do you wish something?
Did you try?
I have a dream, but maybe it would never be happen.
So I have to sad? I wouldn't let it ruined my life.
I‘m crying, we alive not for this.
Be stronger.
Be happy.

Wow this is all, do you wan to konw then what happend?
seriously me too, because he not call me back.
I only konw he is lerning Chinese and not call me back.

Feb 10, 2016 4:04 PM