Is it best for a beginner of Levantine Arabic to know in which country or area each word is more common?

I am learning Levantine Arabic. I know there are accent differences within the Levant. And I expect that just like English, there are probably quite a few words that are more commonly used in some places. I have read that even within countries, things can vary between towns. To me, that makes Arabic incredibly beautiful.
I want to discuss whether it's good for beginner learners like me to know from the start which words are more common in which countries. For example, that way I know to choose a specific word to speak to a Syrian person, but perhaps a different one to speak to a Lebanese. Likewise, I could kind of prime my brain to expect words that are common in the speaker's country.
However, perhaps that's too confusing, and beginners should just stick to common words. Eventually, I suppose, if I speak Arabic a lot to many different people, I'll just pick up on the quirks of each accent.

What do you think?

Feb 11, 2016 12:55 AM
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I speak the Lebanese Arabic.I would say 90% of the words and expressions are the same as Syrian or Palestinian Arabic for.The only Major difference is the pronunciation of the words and expressions.It's like the difference between the British and the American accent.I think it's better to focus on one and learn it ,then eventually the other dialects will be easier to learn ,but there is no harm in combining them all.If i go to  Jordan for example i can speak with a Lebanese dialect and they would understand me.
February 11, 2016

I speak in Syrian dialect

understanding all accents is not as easy as you think if you learn Arabic, we have some towns in Syria we don't really understand them correctly because of the vowels "tilt" - if this is the right expression- 

but we understand Lebanese clearly because the Lebanese media is so strong and there are too many channels unlike the Jordan channels. 

I don't want to terrify you, you can speak in the standard Shami dialect and everyone will understand you perfectly. 

And I believe if you learned the Standard Arabic that would be the best because all formal writes are in Standard Arabic. - not on social media, all people tend to write dialect- 

February 12, 2016