Desfindah Rosier
In what measure does age make a difference if you want to become a polyglot?How old were you when you started? I have so many polyglot friends, and they have been learning languages since childhood. I want to become like them, but I am 20 now. Is it possible? My English is intermediate and my Spanish is upper beginner. Does a polyglot person has a different brain structure? I feel like I'm stupid. idk
Feb 11, 2016 5:10 PM
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We didn't have languages offered in school at a young age where I grew up, so I started learning my first second language when I was 19 and at university.  I learned my third and fourth languages when I was in my mid 30s and started my fifth language in my early 40s.  I'm still working on improving my last three languages, but I can speak them well enough to use them in everyday conversations and regularly in professional settings.  I work in a multilingual environment (English, French & German), so this helps, as does using iTalki.

I'll never be accent or error free, but I feel really strongly that you can learn languages as an adult.  Don't lose hope!

February 11, 2016