Tim Oghogho
Is Zika Virus Present in Your Country?

Hello Italkians,

I would like to know if the deadly Zika virus is present in your country. I'm from Nigeria, and it was recorded that the Zika virus has been present in Nigeria for over 25 years now. Nigeria environs and people are friendly with Mosquitoes, lol; maybe that is why we don't get infected.

When Ebola struck Nigeria and her citizenry, we were able to contain and subdue it to the bearest minimum. That gave us the national and global recognition in relation to fighting against global epidemics, and it led to USA consulting us for possible leads and how they can curb or eradicate the Ebola virus in the USA then.

I want to know if Zika is present in your country, and do share how we can fight against this wicked Zika virus. Please, kindly share your comments, ideas, research, opinion, preventive measures and other useful information below so that lives can be saved.

Thank you all.

Hola italkianos,

Me gustaría saber si el mortal virus Zika está presente en su país. Soy de Nigeria, y se registró que el virus Zika ha estado presente en Nigeria durante más de 25 años. Nigeria entorno y las personas son amables con los mosquitos, lol; quizás es por eso que no se infectan.

Cuando brote de ébola Nigeria y su ciudadanía, hemos sido capaces de contener y someter al mínimo más cercano. Eso nos dio el reconocimiento nacional y mundial en relación con la lucha contra las epidemias globales, y se llevó a EE.UU. consultar con nosotros para posibles clientes potenciales y cómo pueden reducir o erradicar el virus Ébola en los EstadosUnidos a continuación.

Quiero saber si Zika está presente en su país, y comparto cómo podemos luchar contra este virus Zika malvados. Por favor, la amabilidad de compartir sus comentarios, ideas, investigación, opinión, las medidas preventivas y otra información útil a continuación para que se puedan salvar vidas.

Gracias a todos.

Feb 11, 2016 10:59 PM
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Thank you for that short briefing Camilo. I guess the mosquitoes at your place are holding their Annual General meeting (AGM) after which they will come in full force. jajajaja... I wish you all the best, and sound health.
February 12, 2016
Yes.  Colombia is the country with the second largest number of zika cases in the world, only overtaken by Brazil.  Fortunetaly, Bogota is very high above sea level and for that reason we don't have any mosquitoes here. 
February 12, 2016
Thank you Emmanuele, I appreciate your update. This Zika baffles me a lot, does that mean that new couples will not bear children again? I think we can be hygienic enough to curb the virus away from our abode. Spouses should have protective sex, and be conscious of their environment. Thank you once again, Emmanuele. 
February 12, 2016
Hi Tim Oghogho,
I'm from São Paulo - Brazil
In northeastern region of  Brazil are very serious situation, with many cases of contamination, the highest risk group are women because the virus is related to microcephaly. Some news saying that contamination may occur beyond the mosquito, studies show that transmission can occur through saliva or sexual relationship.. We do not have a vaccine yet, we just received recommendations to ward off mosquitoes, like not accumulate water in stationary locations,  bottles or tires. I hope they can find a quick solution to this.

Olá, eu sou de São Paulo - Brasil
Na região nordeste do Brasil esta muito grave a situação, com muitos casos de contaminação, o maior grupo de risco são as mulheres porque o vírus esta relacionado a microcefalia.
Algumas notícias dizem que a contaminação pode ocorrer além do mosquito, estudos mostram que a transmissão pode ocorrer pela saliva ou por relação sexual. Ainda não se tem uma vacina, recebemos recomendações para afastar o mosquito, como não deixar acumular água em locais parados, como garrafas ou pneus. Espero que consigam encontrar uma solução rápida para isto. 
February 12, 2016
I like your name ''Denilson'' that being said. We can only hope, and believe the government will do something about it, and at the same time, let's be cautious of our surroundings. Thanks Denilson.
February 12, 2016
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