Similar pronounced words

Let's find similar words which are being pronounced in a similar way:

see & sea  /si:/

right & write  /rait/

light & lite  /lait/

miner & minor  /mai.ner/

Feb 12, 2016 10:30 AM
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Good luck with this. The English language is full of homophones.


Just one thing - there is no such word as 'lite'. This is just a gimmicky alternative spelling of 'light', used by manufacturers and their marketing people.


February 12, 2016

This is kind of fun.

main - mane

lien - lean

vain - vein

foul - fowl

As you pointed out with poor vs pour, in some English accents a distinction is made. In others there is no difference in pronunciation. This can be seen when looking at the IPA spelling, which will vary depending on dialect. 

I have to wonder if at some point there will be so much variation in English dialects that they will become almost unrecognizable, like has happened with Arabic. 

February 12, 2016
So I changed the font a few times and every single one had a different character count for the same text. For future reference, "Microsoft Himalaya" gave the lowest character count of the fonts I tried.
The Oxford Dictionary (British English) says "poor" is either pronounced /pɔː/ or /pʊə/ (I think the latter is the northern UK accent Jansen mentioned) while "pour" is pronounced /pɔː/.

The Cambridge Dictionary (a British dictionary, but it includes IPA for both the American and British pronunciations) says that  "poor" is/pɔːr/  in British English and /pʊr/ in American English. It says "pour" is the same in British English as "pour", but in American English it's pronounced /pɔːr/.

The Merriam Webster Dictionary (American English) says "poor" is pronounced either /ˈpu̇r/ or /'pȯr/, while "pour" is only pronounced "\ˈpȯr\".

So it looks like this is another case that depends a lot on the accent! You could also throw "paw" and "pore" into the mix :-D
February 12, 2016


Poor and pour are pronounced identically in most accents, as far as I know (usually like the word paw). However, I believe some people in the North of the UK would pronounce the "oo" like "moon".

February 12, 2016


I see difference between these two words:

Poor /pur/  ,   pour /pour/

February 12, 2016
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